Wednesday, December 23, 2009

I have about ten minutes before I have to fly out the door to go to work...trying to make it last.

I am sitting in my cumfy chair in Flying Squirrel World watching a big gray squirrel harvest the peanuts I put out last night. Been working on training the FSs to come when I come outside, thinking that if they know I am bringing peanuts, they will look forward to my visits. Last night I could not coax anyone over. The night before I had two on the maple tree and one was brave enough to take a peanut, fly off, and come back at least once. I felt like she was the older one. The younger one flew off the the oak by the dirt pile and did not return. It was interesting he went off that direction where they never go...guess he was afraid.

The FSs are very patient. They can sit still on the other side of a branch for what seems like hours while I freeze - trying to stand still under the tree, not make a noise, and listen for their claws on the bark. The brave one will sit and look at me, from way above my head and stare down...I wonder what is going on in that tiny little head.

Oh dear. Zsa Zsa the cat is now leaping back and forth between the window ledge and the work table in order to see where the big gray is going with the peanuts that I put near the window. She just lept from the work table to the top of the toasterover in order tog get over to the sink window and see if she could track him. She is certainly sure footed and hardly disturbs anything on my cluttered work table.

OOooh a red squirrel is visiting! They have not been too common this year! She is so little next to the big grays.
The gray squirrels all look kind of rough...bits of tail feathers missing, scars over an eye, lumps on a thigh, patches of fur they have all been in a fight. Litte Red is so elegant in comparison.

Did I mention it is finally snowing?
It has been below freezing for a couple weeks and the other morning I drove by the harbor and the river and they are both frozen. The ice fishermen are out drilling holes and looking like marshmallow men in their winter coveralls. to work.
Perhaps tonight the FSs will come out when I bring the peanuts. I will report later.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Sitting in the dark in my kitchen chair by the window, listening to Elvis. I opened the curtain and turned off the lights in the kitchen and what did I see???? Flying squirrels hopping around the maple tree!
Those little white tummies are hard to miss and the light from the side door is just enough that they don't feel like they have a spot light on them, though, I must say, they seem quite fearless when it comes to their humans....they will run to the top of the tree and fly off but it almost seems that they are more annoyed than afraid...
They look and look at me and seem to wonder if it is worth sticking around.
Right now there is one on the red feeder, sitting there like a fat sparrow, eating, or filling his cheeks with sunflower seeds.

I love how fast they move and how they disappear once they turn their tummy completely toward the tree. Unless they move, they are completely camoflaged and when they move it looks like the bark is moving.
I have to close the lap top so I can see out, otherwise the light of the laptop blinds me and I can't see out the window.

I am going to listen to Elvis in the dark now.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Warmish night tonight and not too much wind. The snow is melting.

I went out with Murphy and there were two flying friends on the tree. I was on the back side of the tree with Murphy because the snow was not deep there and I had on my low muck shoes and no socks. So M did his business and when I looked up I saw two little friends looking down at us from the side of the tree.

I said, "'s just me....the peanut girl...your friend...someone who loves need to be afraid"

They were still looking down at me when we went back to the house.
Hope they get lots of food back to the nest.
They make me so happy.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

It seems we have set a record for the longest period of time between snow falls. Can't tell you the exact number of days, but for those of us who do not depend on the snow for our livelihood, it has been a welcome respite.
On 12/1/09 we had our first snow of the year and it was beautiful. All the world was outlined in white and took on a lacey look.
Murphy is quite happy with the turn of events.

I always say - Don't live here if you don't like Winter - and there is a part of me that does like winter...wouldn't want to live somewhere where there is NO winter (been there done that). But when it came time to walk on the snow again, I was anxious. My fear of falling was strong and didn't make alot of sense since I didn't fall at all last year and we had TONS of snow. I think last year set some record for the most snow fall in one period.
Of course....normal people do not want to fall....I was just very anxious about it.
But today, the snow is gone and I have no fear walking around outside.
They are predicting lots of snow this weekend, and it really is about time. And there are differing degrees of snow slipperiness...the snow you see above was highly slippery or "greasy" as people say around here. Most of the time snow is where you get more traction and it is just the ice you have to watch for. to feed the birds and squirrels .
Happy Saturday!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Had a garden party this summer
Sean and Nancy in the plateau in FSW.
Mike telling us all about it.

The other night I was outside at sunset and there were three flying squirrels tanking up at the feeders. There may have been a fourth who was too shy and hid. One came right up to me on the limb by my head and looked at me. Made me wonder if she remembered me from when I fed her peanuts from my hand.
I went to the store to get peanuts the next day and couldn't find any. Need to stop by the hardware store.
I have had alot of Flying Squirrel visits this year - and it hasn't been so cold so I could stand outside and visit for a while. Need to get the big peanuts so we can bond again.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Look What Popped Up!

Look What Popped Up!
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Mushroom in my Garden!

Mushroom in my Garden!
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My first piece of chainsaw art! A friend at work got to playing with his chain saw...Northern NY...not quite the boondocks but we do have similar interests....
My friend told me he was making mushrooms and I went over to check them out. You should have seen them in the was a riot. Since then I have been harrassing him and begging him and this Sunday - guess who shows up at my door with his two adorable boys and my mushroom???!!!
I have been giggling ever since!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Bird and Squirrel

Bird and Squirrel
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A festive addition - Post Christmas 2009