Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Flying Friends Return!

Another fabulous night of flying squirrel sightings!
Tonight I walked out with my hubby and my Golden sweetheart Murphy. And there, in the maple tree skittered my little friend. Hubby went in, got the seed...the special seed has no shells and put a couple piles of it in the crooks of the lower limbs.
A few minutes later, in flew a beautiful flying, square, white bellied squirrel!
She headed right for the seed! I was thrilled! I hoped to teach them that I could be trusted to be the be the bringer of treats.

I stood there for a long time while she grabbed a seed and hid behind the limb; grabbed the seed and hid behind the limb. I stood very still. I stood very still for a long long time. I was quiet, quiet, quiet.
I eventually looked up and saw another white bellied friend! She was suspicious...never came down for a nibble and quickly ran up and flew away toward my neighbor's yard.
Little friend number one scurried back to the seeds. And from the other yard I began to hear a high pitched cheeeeeeep, cheeeeeeep, cheeeeeeeep, cheeeeeeeeep, cheeeeeeeeep, cheeeeeeeeep.
I would swear it was the call of a nervous Mommy calling her baby back.

What would you think if you saw an enormous dark shape was moving back and forth around the place you were gathering your groceries? And that enormous shape was breathing loudly and expelling smoke! Even if it was showering you with gifts, it would still be scarey.

I haven't gotten any new pictures. I am planning to get some peanuts and set up the squirrel entertainment facility. That is how I got some good shots and made friends with the flyers my first year with them.
Flying Squirrels make Daylight "savings" time almost worth it.
I hate the fact that it is dark at 5pm.
I hate that I get home and it is dark. I hate coming home and walking the dog in the dark.
I LOVE walking in the starlight, and we get alot of starlight here on the shores of Lake Ontario.
So not everything is bad when it turns dark.