Saturday, March 29, 2008

Busy Day

Finally! A bird watching day worth writing about!!!!
We were very busy at the feeders today. It was a lovely cold, sunny day and everyone was hungry.My friend the tufted titmouse came back to the feeder and Mrs. Cardinal made a very brief appearance. I reached for my binocs and she flew away....shy of the paparazzi???

AND YES....the illusive redpoll came to my finch sock today...
Only one and only for a batteries in my camera, darn it.
He was a beauty and hung out long enough for me to get my fill with my binoculars.Flocks and flocks of red robins are down the road in the open fields. Snow geese and Canadian geese are flying noisily over head at all hours of the day and night!
And all my usual suspects are pecking away at the seed and suet in the garden.

Chipmunk sighting!! Spring is officially open in Northern New York when the chippies come back to play. She was a cutie too...filling her cheeks all day long...driving my golden retriever mad when she came up to the snow pile under the window to look for any left over peanuts.

All you darlings in the southern climates are months ahead of me, but I am learning to love this kind of Spring. The sap is running, the days are long and cool and when the snow comes down, you know it won't last for long. It is time for me to go out and rake the dead stuff out of the garden. I saw green noses poking out where the daffodils live!

Two other cool sightings of note - just because I have been so bird deprived....a cedar (bohemian?) wax-wing (my first ever) and a rough legged hawk (pretty sure). I saw them on the road to town this afternoon when I was going 55 mph.
My critter spotting skills, when driving, are legendary.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Hummingbird Nest

Hummingbird Nest
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A good while ago, a dear lady brought this in to the office for me to see. I am just now getting to posting it. This is a hummingbird nest from 1969 that she has kept and used for teaching science and nature classes. She knows I love birds and critters.
In the bottom left you can see a Robin's egg for comparison. A

Hummingbird egg must be the size of a grain of rice. The nest is only about an inch tall.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Red Head

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Love my friends on the feeders!
Think Spring!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Winter Feeding

Took this picture last year at this time.

Winter Feeding
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Still Seriously Winter around here, feeding the furry and feathered friends so they will be plump for Spring!