Monday, January 25, 2010

Bringer of Nuts

Last night I came home and my friend the Flying Squirrel was on the red sunflower seed feeder, so I went to the door and grabbed my stash of nuts. Of course, it had been warm all day so I was not properly dressed to stand outside in the cold under the trees, holding my breath and hoping she would not run away and if she did, she would come back.
I took a handfull of nuts and placed them on the crook of a limb and initially she ran up the tree, but I guess the scent of peanuts was too strong for her.
She came back eventually....and when they move it is like lightning....she zipped around the limb and came face to face with the peanut pile.
I swear I heard another squirrel chittering from the big pine tree in the front yard...."get me a nut" or "don't you dare come back to this nest without one of those nuts".
I was able to stand there by the tree while she got two peanuts, flew to the big pine in the front yard, flew back, grabbed another nut, flew back to the pine and came back. The I was too cold...
It sounds like she moved quickly, but when you are freezing, and don't want to move, and don't want to breath and scare off your felt like forever!

I hope they realize I am a good thing...I hope they realize I am the bringer of nuts...I don't need to be worshiped but I wouldn't mind being adored.

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